What’s this all about anyway?

Chaos, disorder and drama?  No doubt.  A busy family of four can’t help but find some drama from time to time. 

Geiger’s Counter will offer a peek into the drama.  Note that I am quickly reminded that we serve up other things as well;  You’ll see that here too.

You might be asking yourself...

Why does nothing work on this site?  Well, that’s because I am just getting started.  Since I am not trying to make a buck here, I’ll loosen up on the rules about being ‘under construction’

another question...

who the heck are those people - - - - - - - - >          ?

Yep. That’s me

Way too happy to be outside

The Crew at the Cabin

My Photo Albums (Random template stuff)

And you are?

Serving up chaos, disorder and drama...

One day at a time.